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Serving various KSA market segments through our Teleport Facilities, with a unique value and expertise in the Technology, Project Management, and Business Intelligence.

Advanced Co. is one of the premier VSAT services providers with a large number of installations all across the country. Advanced Co. provides customized solutions and services in the field of data, voice and video communication based on satellite-based networks.

In this Digital Age, the need for reliable connectivity has become essential in rural and remote areas. Major Industry segments like Banking & Financial Services, Health, Education etc. are expanding their reach in rural areas. Our VSAT technology offers satellite communication services to the remotest part of the country.

VSAT Services at Advanced Co. Advanced Co. is a major player offering satellite communication services to government and business enterprises in various segments. Our services are highly reliable and cost effective. Moreover, we commit a high quality of service with 24*7 support for your business.

Advanced Co. has multiple hubs on multiple technologies (TDMA and SCPC) on Ku band. Advanced Co.’s kingdom wise presence which includes tie-ups with a number of franchisees and 24 x 7 dedicated helpdesk is the key to quick installations and effective after sales service and support. Moreover, our solutions promise uninterrupted services even in the face of a disaster with the help of our mitigation services.

In addition to this, we have successfully absorbed almost all VSAT technologies from several leading OEMs across the world. This enables us to provide any solution in Ku band which is best for customer requirements at optimal costs. Also, we have extended connectivity to unreachable territories.

All our VSAT solutions support broadband connectivity (data, voice and video) for bandwidth-hungry applications. Advanced Co. is also a ISP service provider, enabling us to provide broadband internet connectivity through VSATs in any part of Saudi Arabia.

Services Spectrum (Features) • Connectivity : Voice/Data/Video • Portable VSAT solutions for disaster management • Terrestrial mobile vehicle solutions using the latest VSAT technology • Onshore/offshore connectivity for Vessel, Rigs, platforms