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Job Title: Desktop support Technician Job




Job Title: Desktop support Technician Job

Job Title: Desktop support Technician Job Category: Permanent Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Applications Accepted By: Email Subject Line: Desktop support Technician ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES -Equip workstations with computers and necessary peripherals. -Scan computers (storage disk, mouse, keyboards, etc.). -Installing and configuring the appropriate programs and functions according to the specifications. -Install and configure hardware and software components to ensure ease of use. - Troubleshoot hardware and software problems. - Repair or replace damaged devices. -Full system upgrade to enable compatible software on all computers. -Install and upgrade antivirus software to ensure user-level security. - Conducting tests and evaluations for new software and hardware. - Support for users and to report bugs. -Technical Documentation Department. -Provide technical support either by phone, remote access, or site visits as needed. -Respond to IT requests, maintain hardware, software, network, etc. -Set up workstations with necessary computers and peripherals (printers, scanners, video conferencing equipment, etc.). -Providing direction and guidance to users on how to operate new software and computers. -Organizing and scheduling promotions and maintenance without hindering others from completing their work. - Perform troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems. -Maintain records of repairs and maintenance schedule. - Identify shortages in computers or network and make requests. -Maintenance, reformatting or updating of personal computers and all their accessories. - Connecting computers to Active Directory and preparing reports. - Performing the installation of the system through the WDS. - Examine the computer network and connect it to peripheral devices. - Checking the wireless transmitter receivers. PREFERRED SKILLS & Education

Cisco Certified Network Associate – Networks (CCNA)

Diploma in computer Hardware or equivalent Note:

Local with transferable Iqama

Work Visa is available for Pakistan only